Experience high-stakes Blackjack action with Jason Boehlke (AKA Mr. Hand Pay) at American Place Casino. With a minimum bet, he secures a whopping win in his first session. In round two, starting with $10,000, he nets an extra $22,000. Throughout the thrilling gameplay, He Shared pro-Blackjack tactics, highlighting vital aspects like bankroll management and strategic exits. Don’t miss the excitement!


00:00 – Entering the Casino with Mr. Hand Pay.
05:40 – Initial winning streak boosts Mr. Hand Pay’s confidence.
10:20 – Bold move: Doubling down on a 10, strategy unveiled.
17:10 – Jackpot! Mr. Hand Pay scores big, and shares bankroll wisdom.
27:20 – Minor setback with losses, but optimism remains strong.
31:20 – Another win! Mr. Hand Pay discusses casino promotions.
39:00 – Mr. Hand Pay advises smart exits and expresses gratitude.