Join Cody Burnett in a thrilling Blackjack showdown, seeking guidance from his “coach” and experiencing intense moments of frustration. Subscribe to Xposed for unforgettable casino experiences! Hit that subscribe button now!


00:30 : Cody Burnett starts strong.
01:15 : Devastating loss another big bet.
1:55 : Consults his “coach” for advice and support.
2:35 : Smaller bets bring some success.
3:20 : Frustration mounts as Cody seeks coach’s after big loss.
4:05 : Tilting, Cody takes risks, hoping for a change in fortune.
4:50 : Small wins offer hope amidst losses.
5:35 : Cody questions luck and strategy during losing streak.
6:20 : Cody discusses strategy with coach, seeking winning approach.
7:05 : Brief victory lifts spirits before crushing defeat.