Experience the highs, lows, and unpredictable twists in Xposed’s intense Blackjack battles. Watch as over $1,000,000 is lost in just 20 minutes, fueling mounting frustration and suspicions of a rigged game. Join the action on Cody Burnett’s channel now


00:20 : Frustrated, bemoans significant losses.
01:05 : Luck evades, hefty bets lead to big losses.
01:45 : Beg’s dealer for better cards, blames them for losses.
02:20 : Frustration peaks, threatens to hurl chair.
03:10 : Near-misses lead to irrational bets.
03:55 : Accuses game of being rigged, doubts fairness.
04:35 : Small wins offer hope, losing streak persists.
05:15 : Desperation mounts, reckless bet sizes.
06:00 : Near-win turns sour with crushing loss.
06:45 : Laments feeling cursed, mentally drained.
07:30 : Brief respite before another crushing defeat.