Join Cody Burnett on Xposed for heart-pounding poker action! Witness epic bluffs, intense calldowns, and jaw-dropping bad beats. Experience the thrill of high-stakes tournaments with skill and drama!


00:25: Daniel Negreanu bluffs big, wins pot.

00:55: Hero call against Phil Hellmuth’s aggression.

01:26: Vanessa Selbst’s epic fold saves from big loss.

1:58:  Masterful play earns massive win.

02:25: bad beat with shocking river card.

02:59: Nerve-wracking call down against massive bet.

03:32: Daring all-in move surprises opponent.

04:10: Miraculous river card steals victory in showdown.

04:40: Daniel Colman’s bold bluff falls flat.

05:10: Wild pre-flop all-in-hand leads to dramatic turns.

05:56: Aggressive river move pressures the opponent.