Join Cody Burnett, aka Xposed, as he takes on a high-stakes Blackjack session. Witness his rollercoaster journey from big wins to losing streaks, and see how he overcomes challenges to emerge victorious! Experience the excitement on Xposed’s channel.


00:15: Join Cody Burnett for high-stakes Blackjack.
01:35: Cody starts with $100,000 deposit.
03:00: Tide turns with brutal dealer blackjack.
03:50: Fights back, wins to regain momentum.
04:25: Frustration mounts with string of dealer wins.
05:10: Victory as Cody claws back, nearing break-even.
06:00: Scores two successive wins despite suspicions.
06:50: Bold move backfires, but Cody rebounds.
08:20: Heartbreak with dealer’s lucky 20.
09:10: Triumphs again, determination.