Experience the thrill as Tuan and Marcus strategically navigate their way through strong hands and unexpected outcomes. Don’t miss out on the excitement!


2:12: Chance raises with Queens, Marcus folds Kings

7:20: Tuan raises with Kings, Chance calls

12:12: Tuan raises Threes, John goes all-in Nines, Marcus calls Tens

15:12: Chance calls Sixes, Marcus shoves Ace-Five

18:22: Tuan raises Deuces, Marcus shoves Sevens, John all-in Nines

21:02: Heads-Up – Marcus all-in with Deuces, Tuan calls Queen-Ten

22:22: Heads-Up – Tuan raises Ten-Deuce, Marcus calls Seven-Four

24:22: Heads-Up – Marcus raises Ace-Three, Tuan calls Deuce-Five

26:22: Heads-Up – Tuan calls all-in Ace-Six vs. Marcus’s Ten-Ace

28:02: Heads-Up – Marcus shoves Ace-Ten, Tuan calls Queen-Six