Join Alex Kim from CEG Dealer School in testing this high-risk strategy, It unveils the “Desperation System” for last $100 roulette bets. They place $100 on a single number, plus additional bets. Unfortunately, they lose all their chips, showing it’s not a surefire win. However, it adds excitement to your last $100 gamble. Learn about roulette strategies, last $100 bets, and casino gaming fun.


50 – Roulette strategy kickoff
2:15 – If you win, spread the luck with specific numbers
3:40 – A loss? Shift focus to Plan B activation
4:20 – Convert wins into a comeback at step one.
5:00 – Adapting to losses
9:20 – Persistent? Keep betting red until you break the streak.

Experience the thrill of the Desperation System at CEG Dealer School.