Join CEG Dealer School to uncover the “Island of 17” roulette strategy! Instructor Alex Kim and his assistant showcase this exciting system, aiming for big wins on every spin.


00:00 :- Join the Palace Station meetup for roulette tips.
01:00 :- Learn the “Island of 17” strategy with CEG Dealer School.
01:20 :- Discover a 10-bet roulette system for big wins.
02:20 :- Aim by hitting lucky number 17.
02:30 :- Explore maximizing chances by moving bets.
03:40 :- Spin the roulette wheel with strategy.
05:20 :- Keep bets rolling.
10:10 :- Final verdict on strategy’s effectiveness.
11:20 :- Conclusion: Is there a better way to play?