Explore the “Broke Daddy” (BD) roulette strategy on CEG Dealer School’s channel. David and Alex  test it with $100 each, picking 10 numbers to bet on. If they win, they walk away; if they lose, they start over. One player wins, one loses, but overall they come out slightly ahead.


00:00 :- Discover the Broke Daddy (BD) strategy for roulette.
01:00 :- BD strategy explanation.
01:50 :- Next steps after losing.
05:20 :- David persists with the BD strategy in roulette.
08:20 :- Key tip: Walk away after winning $100.
12:10 :- Fun chat between David and his friend about roulette.
15:30 :- Success: David and his friend double their money.
15:40 :- David finds the BD strategy straightforward.