Join Daniel Manachi, aka VegasLowRoller, on a thrilling slot machine adventure titled “DOUBLE ACTION ON FIRST SPIN!!!!!!!!” as he sets out with high hopes and a $100 bill. The excitement peaks as he kicks off with Durango, scoring double action on the initial spin. Don’t miss this rollercoaster ride of wins, losses, and epic moments!


00:00 – Daniel starts with $100, eager to conquer Durango slot.
01:23 – Rookie Luck: Scores “Double Action” on first spin.
03:55 – Initial enthusiasm dampened by small wins.
09:12 – Shifts focus to Tiger machine for better fortunes.
13:24 – Almost clinches Grand Jackpot on Phoenix.
15:56 – Tries luck with Dragon slot machine.
21:48 – Returns to Durango, hoping for a turnaround.
25:20 – Durango disappoints again, no substantial wins.
30:45 – Ends with empty pockets and no big wins.