Check out the most thrilling moments from NAPT Las Vegas on PokerStars! In the first game, Jason Mercier and Chris Moneymaker face each other. Next, Isaac Haxton and Peter Eastgate compete, and Eastgate gets a winning straight flush on the river, beating Haxton’s straight. Lastly, David Petus, Tom Marchesi, and Sam Stein go head-to-head in a battle of wits. Experience all the fun moments from NAPT Las Vegas, only on PokerStars!


36 : Moneymaker’s royal flush stuns Mercier.
2:15 : Eastgate’s straight flush leaves Haxton in awe.
3:47 : Marchesi’s full house beats Petus’s straight.
5:30 : Marchesi’s river trips crush Stein’s straight draw.
6:50 : Expresses disbelief at Moneymaker’s hand.
7:45 : Praises Haxton’s play with a straight flush.
8:50 : Petus shares feelings of unluckiness despite a straight.
9:50 : Discusses his thought process after busting.