Join the epic poker action on PokerStars as Alexandra Botez dominates! Facing a big blind bet, Botez surprises with 40% equity against six players. She calls a shove on the river with sevens, outsmarting her bluffing opponent. With pocket Queens, Botez navigates intense plays against Parker and Fabiano. Wins big by calling bluffs and clinching victories with strategic moves. Experience the thrill of the streak on PokerStars!


02:20 : Fabiano 4-bets with Ace King.

04:20 : Raises with pocket Jacks, no callers.

06:20 : Gets Aces, and everyone folds pre-flop.

08:20 : Raises with Queens, and gets 5 callers. Wins with a river bluff.

11:20 : Bets with a hidden hand, showdown reveals pair of nines Wins.

14:20 : Wins a big pot with Queens against Ace-King.

17:46 : Highlights of winning more pots are shown.