Join Narek Gharibyan from the NG Slot Channel at the high limit area in a casino in Las Vegas. He is playing a game called Triple Supreme Slot, hoping to get a supreme extreme jackpot. He first places a $1 bet and gets a bonus round, but only wins a baby jackpot. He then places another bet and gets another bonus round. Narek explains the features of the game, including the Hold and Spin feature and the Free Spin feature. They place another bet and get the Hold and Spin feature again. This time, they win a minor jackpot of $5,000. Don’t miss out on the action. Tune in now and join the fun!


00:00 – Introduction to Triple Red Hot 7s Free Games
01:00 – First spin on Triple Red Hot 7s Free Games
01:45 – Second spin on Triple Red Hot 7s Free Games
02:30 – Third spin on Triple Red Hot 7s Free Games
04:45 – Discussion of Triple Red Hot 7s Free Games strategy
09:15 – Conclusion of Triple Red Hot 7s Free Games session
09:45 – Transition to Dragon Link slot machine
10:30 – First spin on Dragon Link slot machine
14:10 – Discussion of Dragon Link slot machine strategy
18:45 – Conclusion of Dragon Link slot machine session

Triple Supreme Slot Machine

Triple Supreme is a series of slot machines by Aristocrat Gaming, featuring a unique combination of three popular features: Match 3 Jackpot, Choose Your Volatility Free Games, and Hold & Spin. The most well-known version is Triple Supreme Xtreme.

Key Features of Triple Supreme Slot Machines:

  • Match 3 Jackpot Feature: Triggered randomly with at least one wild symbol on the reels, players match three identical prizes to win. Multiplier coins can also appear, multiplying the final bonus prize.
  • Choose Your Volatility Free Games: Players choose the number of free games they want to play, along with the desired volatility level. This allows for customization based on risk tolerance.
  • Hold & Spin Feature: This feature allows players to win jackpots and credit prizes. Landing specific symbols triggers respins, where players aim to fill the screen for bigger rewards.
  • Multiple Themes: Triple Supreme comes in various themes, such as Grand Prosperity, Fierce Dragon, and Lucky Tiger, each offering a unique visual and auditory experience.

Why Triple Supreme is Interesting:

  • Three-in-One Features: The combination of Match 3, Free Games, and Hold & Spin in a single machine offers a variety of gameplay and keeps things exciting.
  • Customizable Volatility: The ability to choose volatility in the Free Games feature allows players to tailor the game to their preferences, whether they seek frequent smaller wins or prefer to chase larger, less frequent payouts.
  • Multiple Themes: The diverse themes cater to different player preferences, from the traditional Chinese-inspired Grand Prosperity to the majestic Fierce Dragon.
  • Jackpot Potential: The Hold & Spin feature offers the chance to win substantial jackpots, adding an extra layer of thrill to the gameplay.
  • Immersive Experience: The high-quality graphics and sound effects create an engaging and immersive experience for players.

You can find Triple Supreme slot machines in various casinos. To learn more, you can check out these resources