The World Poker Tour showcases the thrilling final table of the Five Diamond World Poker Classic, where players battle for a $1.5 million prize. Key players include chip leader Faraz Jaa, poker legends Daniel Negreanu and Scotty Nguyen, along with Steve Owy, Shaun Buchanan, and Josh Arieh. Watch now and Stay tuned to the World Poker Tour for more thrilling poker action!


00:00 – Tournament Kickoff: with a massive $1.5 million prize.

03:20 – Jaa’s Risky Move: Faraz Jaa raises with a daring 9-5 offsuit.

05:40 – Owy’s Bold Move: Steve Owy goes all-in, igniting intense action.

08:40 – High-Stakes Showdown: Tense post-flop action unfolds.

11:20 – Surprise Outcome.

13:10 – Buchanan’s Gambit: Shaun Buchanan makes a daring all-in move.

17:20 – Game-Changing Moment: A pivotal hand alters table dynamics.

20:15 – Electric Atmosphere: Tension and excitement fill the air at the table.

22:40 – Cliffhanger Ending: Viewers are left craving more action.