Watch out! NG Slot (AKA Narek Gharibyan) session at the Pepper Mill Casino where he played blackjack with bets ranging from $200 to $2,800. During the session, he had both good and bad luck. He also shared his strategic gameplay and interactions with the dealer. This can be a great opportunity for anyone interested in learning more about blackjack and the different outcomes that can happen during a game.


00 – NG Slot welcomes viewers and starts with $22,400.
1:07 – Luck favors NG Slot with three consecutive wins.
3:22 – NG Slot doubles his bet.
10:14 – Minor setback with two losses.
12:12 – Splits hands into four.
13:42 – Bounces back with a win.
14:22 – Raised bets.
15:07 – NG Slot concludes with Huge winnings.