Watch as NG Slot hits the Peppermill Casino in Reno for a thrilling game of Blackjack. Armed with $16,250, NG takes Kurt, the dealer, in shoe number four. In an exciting and high-stakes match, NG shows off his skills and luck, betting $2,000 and playing multiple hands to walk away with a massive $18,000 win. With a $6,000 profit, you will want to enjoy this electrifying adventure. Tune in now!


00:00 – NG starts the video with $20,000 in shoe number three.
01:05 – NG scores a Blackjack, boosting his balance to $6,400.
02:12 – A setback as NG loses a hand, dropping to $12,000.
02:52 – NG switches up his strategy and wins a hand.
04:22 – NG hits a huge win of $122,800!
07:00 – A small hiccup as NG makes a mistake and loses some money.
09:20 – NG finishes shoe number three with $22,500.
10:12 – NG starts shoe number four with $16,250.
11:22 – A loss for NG in new shoes.
12:12 – The session ends with NG down $2,450 for shoe number four.
16:20 – NG faces some losses but stays in the game.
17:40 – A big win injects excitement into the session.
20:20 – Despite ups and downs, NG stays engaged until the end.