In this video From Vegas Matt, EJ are trying to win a big prize of $100,000 at a slot tournament in W2 Jesus Casino. They start playing a game called All Aboard, which requires them to get 6 trains or 3 Sheriff badges to win a bonus. Though they face some challenges in the beginning, they keep trying. After some time, they switch to another game called Dynamite Dash and bet $6.25 per spin to trigger bonuses with dynamite symbols. Even though they win a few small bonuses, they are unable to hit the big win they were hoping for.


00:00 : Matt sets goal to win with All Aboard and Dynamite Dash.
01:50 : Game starts, aiming for bonuses.
05:40 : Switches to Dynamite Dash.
15:20 : Returns to All Aboard for better payouts.
24:20 : Returns to Dynamite for better wins.
29:10 : Chooses Blitz mode for Dynamite Dash.
30:10 : Each wins, and cashes out earnings.
30:40 : Tournament result: Cashes out.