Exciting events took place during the WPT (World Table Poker) Final Table as Jerry Payne went all-in against Mike Mustafa with Queen 10. Both of them were playing against Carlos Mortenson and Chris Bell, who showcased exceptional poker skills leading to an intense and exciting game. The players showed strategic thinking, had intense showdowns, and were aiming to make history in the world of poker. With significant chip movements and players competing for titles and cash prizes, the Hollywood Poker Open was a fierce and thrilling competition.


00:00 – Hollywood Poker Open final table.

01:10 – Jerry Payne’s bold move with Queen-Ten.

03:20 – Carlos Mortenson shares poker player strategy.

05:45 – Mike Mustafa raises with Ace-Queen-Five.

08:50 – A challenging decision post-flop.

12:20 – Chris Bell and Mike Mustafa engage in a thrilling hand.

15:45 – Maintains pressure with a turn bet.

17:20 – King pairs up, leading to a significant win.

19:10 – Ace-King three-bet secures a strong finish.

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