Experience the thrill of Blackjack with Cody Burnett on the Xposed channel. Against all odds, he hits a winning streak, leaving viewers in awe. Witness his spectacular comeback and a jaw-dropping $60,000 payout. Fortune favors the bold!


1:00 : Cody joins, determined despite losses.
1:45 : Wins boost morale and balance.
2:30 : Cody bets boldly, surprising everyone.
3:15 : Risky bets pay off, igniting a winning streak.
4:00 : Celebrating each win, Cody rides a wave of disbelief.
4:45 : Cody confidently ups bets, engaging viewers.
5:30 : Minor losses don’t dampen Cody’s demeanor.
6:15 : Significant win fuels excitement and fortune talk.
7:00 : Cody acknowledges luck, continues streak.