Experience the thrill of Cody Burnett’s Blackjack adventure in this captivating Xposed video. Follow along as he battles tough hands and dealer superiority, showcasing his resilience and determination in pursuit of his dream home.


50 : Cody aims to win big for his dream home.
1:35 : Frustration rises with Blackjack’s unpredictability.
2:20 : Near misses disappoint Cody.
3:05 : Battling bad luck, Cody feels discouraged.
4:35 : Strategy tweaks to overcome challenges.
5:20 : Close losses fuel Cody’s frustration.
6:05 : A streak of wins briefly lifts his spirits.
7:35 : Discussion on dealer bias during downswings.
8:20 : Determined, Cody increases his bets.