In this video from The Big Jackpot channel, Max and his guest Biz Oak try their luck on the high limit slot machine game, Wicked Wheel. Their goal is to score massive wins by betting big. Max kicks off the session by explaining the game and their strategy to chase wheel spins and jackpot bonuses. Join The Big Jackpot for more thrilling wins tomorrow!


00:00 : Max prepares for Wicked Wheel session.
01:00 : Game plan outlined for scoring big wins.
05:00 : Early bonuses snagged, luck not on their side yet.
10:00 : Frustration sets in as pressure mounts.
12:00 : Biz Oak advises Max to stay patient and composed.
15:00 : Massive bonus round jackpot hits.
25:00 : More bonuses and losses experienced.
28:00 : Despite challenges, they emerge victorious.