Join Narek Gharibyan from the NG Slot Channel as he visits the Jackpot Party Casino in Las Vegas. he is playing a slot machine game called Huff N Even More Puff with the hopes of getting the Super Wheel Bonus or the Gold Bas. starts by placing a $1.60 bet and gets three regular bonuses. He then increases the bet amount to $20 and gets six sexy hats instead of the desired Gold Bas. After several unsuccessful attempts, he lowers the bet amount to $0.50 and manages to get the Baby Jackpot. Don’t miss out on this ultimate gaming experience – watch now!


00:00 :- Introduction and initial betting strategy on Huff N Even More Puff
04:20 :- Playing Half and Even More Power with $1.60 bet
07:20 :- Playing with $2,000 bet
12:15 :- Switching to $2.00 bet and got a baby jackpot of $199
13:20 :- Resuming play at $0.30 bet
15:30 :- Switching to $1.00 bet
16:40 :- Bad luck chases choosing to $0.50 bet

Huff N Even More Puff Slot Machine

Huff N’ Even More Puff is an exciting slot machine game by Light & Wonder, a sequel to the popular Huff N’ Puff. It builds upon the original’s charming Three Little Pigs theme and introduces new features for enhanced gameplay.

Interesting Features:

  • Upgraded Bonus Features: The game includes all the bonus features from the original, like free spins and the Huff N’ Puff feature, where players “huff and puff” to blow down houses for prizes. However, the sequel offers upgraded versions with potentially bigger rewards. It also introduces a new “Upgrade Wheel” feature, where players can win additional bonuses and multipliers.
  • Two Distinct Bonus Symbols: Huff N’ Even More Puff has two different bonus symbols: Buzz Saw and Hard Hat. Each triggers a unique bonus experience, adding variety and excitement to the gameplay.
  • Enhanced Visuals and Animations: The game boasts improved graphics and animations compared to its predecessor, making for a more immersive and visually appealing experience.
  • Higher Volatility: Huff N’ Even More Puff is known for its higher volatility, meaning wins might be less frequent, but they can be even more substantial when they occur, appealing to players seeking bigger payouts.
  • Wide Availability: The game is readily available in land-based casinos and online platforms, catering to a broad audience of players.

Why It’s Interesting:

The combination of familiar elements from the original Huff N’ Puff with upgraded features and enhanced visuals makes Huff N’ Even More Puff an interesting and engaging slot machine. The higher volatility and potential for bigger wins also add to the excitement, making it a popular choice for players seeking thrilling gameplay.