Experience the thrill of a pig-themed slot machine adventure! Lady Luck HQ (AKA Francine Maric) is betting big and chasing bonuses to win big payouts. Along the way, she uses different strategies and interacts with the game to shape the story of her journey toward the jackpot dream. Although there are some ups and downs, she hopes to trigger retriggers and enjoy massive payouts.


2:00 – Francine discusses strategy
3:30 – Big win in gameplay.
6:30 – New strategy leads to triumph.
7:30 – Cheers for the jackpot victory!
8:00 – switched slots to Sphinx hunt
12:10 – choosing green for wealth.
15:10 – Box-touching strategy starts.
17:10 – Anticipation rises as box number 12 is picked.
19:15 – Optimism grows with three boxes chosen.