A group of 31 people, including Brian Christopher (Aka BC slots), participate in a slot game at Plaza Casino, each contributing $200. Brain takes turns spinning the reels, hoping to hit the Bull Blitz bonus and win big. Despite the volatility of the game, they remain hopeful and excited about the possibility of a lucrative win.


Join Brian Christopher for an exciting group slot pull at Plaza Casino!
01:05 : Brian explains game and group pull format.
02:52 : Carolyn Langston becomes first spinner.
07:45 : Casey takes a spin.
12:04 : Bill from Vancouver takes a turn.
13:20 : Edin from Hawaii turns on slot machine.
15:19 : Robin Ferguson from Lake Stevens spins.
17:17 : Catherine from Leeds takes her turn.
20:36 : Julie from England turns on slot machine.
22:57 : Sarah from Houston takes a spin.
24:12 : Brian changes the rules for another try.
27:35 : Hit a bonus on the first spin