Brian Christopher (Aka BC slots) is on a mission to win big at the Plaza casino by playing a slot machine called Chica Bonita. He wants to hit multiple jackpots and is betting the maximum amount to increase his chances of winning. The challenge involves playing the game at different levels of bets, starting from the lowest and going all the way up to $25.


Join Brian Christopher as he embarks on the exciting challenge of hitting jackpots!
01:00 : Brian aims for double or triple jackpots at max bet.
10:10 : Scores jackpot.
16:10 : Achieves major jackpot.
18:20 : Scores 100,000 points jackpot
21:20 : Lands another jackpot
30:20 : Achieves triple major jackpot
35:20 : Brian thanks viewers and bids goodbye.