Watch out for this dope slot machine gambling session with NG Slot (AKA Narek Gharibyan)! He’s going all-in for jackpots on the Fire Link Slot Machine and you won’t believe his excitement over the wins he’s pulling up aiming for huge jackpots. Don’t miss out on the action.


00 – NG Slot starts the action with the Fire Link Slot Machine.
1:09 – First jackpot win.
3:22 – Bounces is back with a bonus win.
5:22 – Strikes gold with another jackpot.
7:45 – Despite losses, NG Slot stays in.
10:22 – Winning streak continues with a jackpot.
12:37 – Remains undeterred despite some losses.
13:12 – Another bonus win adds excitement.
15:37 – Cashes out with winnings to end the game.