Francine Maric (AKA Lady Luck HQ), attempts to win jackpots at the casino while playing  various slot machines like Miss Autumn Moon and Dragon Link, aiming for specific combinations like Fireballs. Despite some losses, there are excitement and near wins, culminating in a big win of $25,000 and the thrill of chasing jackpots.


00:30 : Francine kicks off Dragon Link adventure.
03:00 : Discussion on $10,000 win and Dragon Link’s prizes.
05:30 : Francine dives into Dragon Link’s spins.
08:00 : Switching to $1.3M grand jackpot machine.
10:10 : Francine’s bets unfold on grand jackpot machine.
12:30 : Another minor jackpot win!
14:00 : Strategy chat.
16:30 : Hits major bonus win!
18:00 : Celebrating victory!