Poker Maniac TFP have joined a card game tournament where players compete with different hands and strategies. The game has different rounds, and the outcomes depend on the decisions made by the players. It’s important to play with a clear mind and avoid distractions because they can lead to poor choices. Gambling can be stressful, and it’s important to be in the right mental state to make wise decisions. It’s also important to set limits to avoid taking excessive risks.


30 : Discussion about betting choices.

46 : Starts playing Blackjack, explaining strategy.

1:02 : Wins a round of Blackjack.

1:20 : Discussion about splitting 20s in Blackjack.

5:00 : Discuss etiquette in Blackjack.

8:00 : Discusses the importance of teamwork in Blackjack.

8:40 :  Discusses strategy in Blackjack.

9:00 : Wins another round of Blackjack.

9:10 : Discusses risk and reward in Blackjack.