Francine Maric, also known as Lady Luck HQ, brings another incredibly successful and exhilarating slot machine session at Resorts World Casino. Despite facing technical issues with the microphone, she hits a significant jackpot while playing the Buffalo Gold Collection game. The excitement and tension build up as she continues spinning, hoping for more wins, showcasing a mix of emotions from elation to concern about possibly missing dinner due to her winning streak. Ultimately, this leads to a memorable gaming experience.


00:22 – Winning a jackpot on Buffalo Gold Collection on a $60 bet
07:42 – Getting 15 Buffalo heads and dancing to celebrate
13:08 – Debating between different bet amounts
20:22 – Hitting a jackpot on Buffalo Gold Revolution
28:33 – Getting another jackpot and celebrating
32:20 – Winning the most amount of jackpots ever on this game
34:22 – Cashing out after a very successful session