Join Francine Maric from the Lady Luck HQ channel as she visits the Resorts World Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, chasing the grand jackpot. She plays the Bull Blitz Slot Machine and explains the rules. To trigger the Bull Blitz feature, she needs to get six specific symbols. She tries different machines, places bets, and experiences moments of excitement and anticipation, sharing jokes and enthusiasm for the game. Will she win the jackpot? Watch her adventure unfold today!


00:00 – Francine Hoping for a Bigwin Jackpot
02:02 – Explained Game Features
05:22 – Another jackpot hoping to won
09:22 – Wins a bonus game
13:42 – Wins another bonus game

Bull Blitz Slot Machine

Bull Blitz is an interesting slot machine for several reasons:

  • Unique Theme: While many slot machines have traditional themes like fruits or gems, Bull Blitz stands out with its bullfighting-inspired theme. This makes it visually appealing and memorable for players.

  • Xtra Hit Feature: The game introduces a unique feature called Xtra Hit. When triggered, it allows players to win coin prizes multiple times for each Xtra Hit symbol that lands during the bonus round. This adds an extra layer of excitement and winning potential to the game.

  • Proven Success: Bull Blitz has already demonstrated success in Australia, making its introduction to other markets highly anticipated. This track record suggests that the game is engaging and offers rewarding gameplay.

  • Different Base Games: The Bull Blitz series offers two distinct base games, “Fortunes of the Orient” and “Roses & Riches,” giving players a choice of themes and experiences within the same game concept.

  • Potential for Big Wins: Like many slot machines, Bull Blitz offers the potential for significant payouts, particularly through the Xtra Hit feature and other bonus rounds. This draws in players who are looking for a chance to win big.