The World Poker Tour recently witnessed some nail-biting action as two players, Tuan and Marcus, engaged in an intense and high-stakes game of poker. The players showcased their strategic skills by making smart moves like double barrels and value bets while navigating through a final table where players have to make critical decisions. The game was full of tension and excitement, with unexpected twists and turns, leading to surprising outcomes.


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00:00 – Marcus dominates the table 

02:45 – Kevin Liu falls in sixth place to Tuan’s full house.

04:12 – Stratton ousted by Tuan’s unbeatable pocket Aces.

05:30 – Chance’s Sixes is no match for Marcus’s Ace-Five.

06:47 – John Cohen’s Nines trumped by Marcus’s Ten-Four.

11:22 – Tuan’s Queen-Six gamble backfires against Marcus’s Ace-Ten.

13:45 – Tuan doubles up with Ace-Six against Marcus’s Ace-Three.

15:10 – Marcus’s flush outplays Tuan’s two pair, clinching victory.

16:33 – Tuan admits his mistake with Queen Six.

17:12 –  Crowned champion, claims WPT trophy and prizes.