Embark on a thrilling Blackjack journey with Cody Burnett on Xposed. Watch as he dives into high-stakes action, placing colossal bets and doubling down. Experience the palpable tension of $50,000 hands at play, and join Cody on his rollercoaster ride of wins and losses. Be there for the triumphant moment of his massive victory!


0:25: Xposed scouts tables, deciding where to bet for luck.
1:05: High bets bring mixed results, maintaining momentum.
1:40: Tension rises with a massive bet, doubling down for a win.
2:15: Confidence surges with more bets.
3:25: Frustration voiced as dealer seemingly favors opponents.
4:00: All-in bet pays off, jubilation with hefty winnings.
4:35: Reflection on intense $50,000 stakes.
5:45: Off-camera strategy discussion next move.
6:20: Despite a loss, Xposed remains composed.